.....Travel like a local  

When in Rome, do as Romans do. This famous saying is very apt about travelling as well, let that be in your county, country or another country, in my opinion, travel is not just a tour but it is to experience a place, its culture, cuisine and history. That makes a travel into a memorable experience to cherish for a life time. The best way to do that is to travel like a local and I just love it. Following are few pages from my travel diary and if that help anyone to pack his/her bag and explore the world then I have succeeded !


Remember world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page.


Get up........Pack your bag........World is your limit !!!!!

Mysore: A short Breakaway from Kochi.

Thailand tour Diary

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Cambodia …..land of Angkor Wat

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Malaysia..truly Asia

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North Indian Tour Diary



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